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Healthy Desserts and Buns Without the Guilt

Sweet tooth, carb craving, sweetness weakness… whatever your vice, you can keep it under control with these health-conscious, low-carb cakes and buns from Miracle Noodle. We’re happy to provide a great selection of products to help you curb that uncontrollable carb craving. SmartBaking creates yummy, gluten-free buns and desserts that are both amazingly healthy and exceptionally satisfying.

In fact, SmartcakesÒ are so popular that they almost always fly off our virtual shelves. Our customers love these gluten-free desserts because they’re full of fiber and protein while also being low in fat. Each one contains just 38 calories each! That means they suit low-calorie, low- carb routines and can help you manage your sugar cravings effectively. We’ve got yummy Cinnamon, Coconut and Chocolate Smartcakes at Miracle Noodle!

Zero-Sugar, Zero-Starch Buns and More

We also offer delicious zero-sugar buns. SmartBuns are low-calorie, gluten-free, zero carb hamburger buns. Each one is high in protein, fiber and Omega-3s, so you can feel good about integrating them into your diet. They’re made with a mix of flax, egg whites and non-GMO ingredients, making them a tasty superfood that suits your specific dietary needs.

Why buy SmartBuns and Smartcakes from MiracleNoodle.com? We know how much our customers adore these healthy desserts and breads, so we offer a subscribe and save option that automatically ships these products directly to your door at whatever interval you choose. When you opt for auto-delivery from Miracle Noodle, you get 10 percent off your Smartcakes order!

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