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Healthy Flours, Supplements and More for All Diets

One of the biggest challenges for health-focused eaters is finding suitable alternatives to favorites, but Miracle Noodle is all about helping you revamp your health without feeling deprived. Our flours and supplements collection includes several natural and healthy products that you can use to give your body a boost without completely changing your lifestyle. These supplements are simple to work into any routine for a physical pick-me- up on the go.

Our Konjac Flour is an excellent, plant-based supplement that can be used to help with weight management. This 100 percent natural soluble plant fiber (glucomannan) has been used in Japan for centuries. In fact, it’s the same fiber that we use to make our shirataki Miracle Noodles! Use it as a thickener, a cornstarch alternative or a dietary supplement to support weight loss, good cholesterol levels and high energy.

We also have an excellent assortment of probiotic supplements to support the digestive system. Be sure to try Regular Girl prebiotic fiber and probiotics to restore a good bacterial balance in the gut and keep you feeling regular. This convenient, on-the- go product can be sprinkled on any food or beverage for a quick bodily boost.

Why Buy from Miracle Noodle?

Miracle Noodle is happy to offer various great benefits to our customers. We provide a subscribe and save option that lets you save a percent off when you sign up for auto-delivery. If you’re in the habit of reordering these products at certain intervals, this is a more convenient solution. We also offer free shipping on every order plus a personable customer service team that’s here to assist you with your order.

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