MSM: The Supplement You Need For HIIT Workouts & GUT Health

MSM: The Supplement You Need For HIIT Workouts & GUT Health

MSM is one of the best workout recovery supplements. But many people don’t realize that it’s also great for digestive support. Learn what makes MSM ideal for joint and gut health. 

“No pain, no gain.” That common refrain is familiar to anybody who has had trouble getting off the potty a day or two after doing heavy squats. For the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout junkie to serious weightlifters, Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM for short, is one of the best post-exercise supplements. 

For years, MSM, along with glucosamine and chondroitin, has been one of the leading joint health supplements. But did you know that this sulfur-rich compound is also great for gut health? 

This article will explain why. So if you’re looking for more digestive support, make sure to consider MSM in your supplement arsenal. 

MSM for Gut Health

MSM has potent anti-inflammatory properties. It’s these same actions against inflammation that makes it able to lower inflammation in the single-layered cellular lining of the gut. 

By lowering inflammation in the digestive tract, MSM may be able to prevent allergic or sensitivity reactions to certain foods. 

And not only does it help lower inflammation, MSM repairs the small intestinal lining. According to the European Journal of Pharmacology, MSM also increases levels of glutathione in the body, which is the main internal free-radical-destroying antioxidant in the body. So at least in an indirect way, MSM prevents injury to the protective mucosal barrier that coats the fragile single-layered cellular lining of the small intestine.  

Through these actions, MSM reduces the condition known as intestinal hyperpermeability, which is also known as leaky gut. Leaky gut is when ordinarily small harmless particles such as undigested proteins, bacteria and viruses enter the bloodstream instead of staying in the digestive tract. The immune system then goes haywire in response to these foreign invaders and can start attacking bodily tissues in response to the threat. 

Thus, by lowering inflammation, MSM can lower the amount of substances that are leaking out of the small intestinal lining. Furthermore, the compound can increase the absorption of microvilli in the small intestine. 

MSM for Detoxification

Not only does MSM improve nutrient uptake to the cells, it also acts like a sanitation worker, helping to carry away “trash” in the body such as toxins and free radicals. In doing so, MSM may be able to cut down on food allergy/sensitivity reactions. One way in which it does this is by filtering contaminants out of the blood. If you have an autoimmune condition this fact is important because a faster blood flush of toxins means that a strong autoimmune response isn’t as likely to occur. 

MSM For Yeast Overgrowth

Whether it’s in the mouth (thrush); vagina (vaginosis) or gut (candida), an overgrowth of yeast can be an annoyance or a fairly serious health problem. The good news is that MSM has been shown to reduce Candida overgrowth. When candida multiply out of control in the gut, intestinal inflammation can occur. 

The saying goes that the skin is the window to the gut. So by hindering inflammation in the digestive tract, MSM may help reduce skin flare-ups caused by gut dysbiosis (too many harmful bacterial strains and not enough friendly ones).

Candida overgrowth can lead to intestinal diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease). 

Besides resisting candida overgrowth, MSM acts like glue, sticking to other harmful substances in the body such as parasites and sending them into the elimination system. When toxic substances are unable to attach themselves to the gut lining, they will be pooped out. 

MSM For Cognitive Support

You’re probably familiar with the concept of the gut-brain connection. If so, it makes sense that having a diverse number of beneficial bacterial strains can play a positive role on learning and memory. By supporting gut health and detoxification, MSM may help prevent harmful particles from migrating to the brain. 


When you stroll through the supplement aisle at your local health food store, you’ll likely notice MSM is placed in the joint health section. But there’s a very strong case to be made that it should also receive front and center placement in the gut health section. 

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