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How To Cook

Spend Less Time in the Kitchen! Learn How to Prepare Miracle Noodles in Just 4 Minutes!

Our variety of low-calorie & low-carb pasta, noodle and rice styles take way less time to prepare than regular belly bloating spaghetti and pasta.

I don’t blame you if you think it’s too good to be true.

I was skeptical, too.

The first time I ate Miracle Noodles was when my friend Ako introduced me to them at a restaurant in Japan back in 2006.When Ako told me that these noodles had almost zero calories I wanted to shout back the Japanese equivalent of, “Get out of here!”

I’m not fluent in Japanese, though. (Besides, the literal translation of ‘get out of here’ might be taken as an insult in Japan.)

Doubting Ako's claim these noodles were nearly zero-calorie, I hesitantly ate a bowl of Miracle Noodles. Then I ate another.

And another.

The weird thing was that I didn’t get bloated or put on any weight.

That’s when I realized Miracle Noodles can satisfy the appetites of many people trying to manage their weight or improve a health condition. Or simply stay satisfied on a low carb diet.

I want to give you the best chance that you will always stay satisfied eating Miracle Noodles.

The way to do that is make sure you cook Miracle Noodles properly.

I created the video below so you can learn how.

Click the button below to watch. 


Would You Rather Read How to Prepare Miracle Noodles? 4 Easy Steps!

It doesn’t get much easier than this to prepare low-carb noodles:

1. Open bag of noodles into colander and rinse thoroughly with cool water for one minute.

2. Cut noodles with kitchen shears (optional) and add to non-oiled pan on medium heat until dry.

3. Cook noodles in your favorite sauce or recipe on the stovetop or in microwave oven.


“Variety is the Spice of Life,” … Variety is Also the Key to Staying Low-Carb!

Avoid being tempted by heavy carb dishes! Here’s the first step…

Always have a variety of low carb options to easily make at home.

That’s why I came up with the Miracle Noodle Variety Sampler for you.

It will be a great introduction for you. These are our 6 most popular styles of Miracle Noodles:

● Angel Hair
● Spinach Angel Hair
● Fettuccini
● Miracle Rice
● Love My Rice
● Organic Spaghetti

We have several more styles of noodles.

But these noodles in the Variety Sampler are an excellent kick starter for your transition to low-carb noodles and rice.

The best part besides the noodles being so easy to cook is that they only cost $1.85 per serving!

All styles of noodles in the Variety Sampler are prepared the same way as described in the video and text instructions.

If you have any questions about preparing the noodles, feel free to reach out to our Miracle Noodle Customer Service Specialists.

And remember … consider me your physician on call. Ask me any health question. Don’t hesitate to contact me.


To your health,

Jonathan Carp, M.D.

President & Founder, Miracle Noodle

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