About us

History of the Company

If you're brand new to shirataki noodles, there's no better way to get a good introduction than with Miracle Noodle's Variety Samplers. You can choose from the bundle that has 2 bags each of the Angel Hair, Miracle Rice & Fettuccine or the bundle that has 2 bags each of Ready Noodle Organic Fettucine, Ready Noodle Organic Rice & Ready Noodle Organic Spaghetti. Both come with everything you need to whip up a huge variety of dishes, from delicious Italian favorites to stir-fry, Pad Thai and more.

New here? Let us give you a proper introduction to our popular shirataki rice and noodle products. They're all made from the Japanese Konjac plant, which has been consumed in Japan for over 1,000 years. This allows us to produce low-carb pasta and rice that's 97 percent water and 3 percent fiber, which means they're virtually calorie-free. The best part? All of our products are soy-free, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO, so you'll feel good about every bite!


Our mission is to give our customers peace of mind when it comes to food selection. We do so in 4 ways.

Providing healthy, delicious, guilt-free eating
Providing foods that help people heal through providing delicious foods for people with dietary restrictions like diabetes, celiac, certain seizure disorders, and general weight loss goals. Providing foods that take the anxiety out of eating by adhering to strict guidelines on sodium, calories, non-gmo, gluten free, healthy fats, and natural.
Always increasing the quality, sustainable sourcing of our products, and ethical values inculcated to us by our families and giving back a portion of our profits to our Kiva microfinance partners - helping people worldwide.

The Founder

Jonathan Carp, MD started Miracle Noodle in 2006. A Dermatologist since 2000, in 2004 he had a patient that healed herself from lupus through nutritional and lifestyle modification. Since then, he has treated 100's of patients through lifestyle modification especially nutritional changes with a special interest in auto-immune diseases. This has turned into a nutritional obsession that led to his learning about the health benefits of the konjac plant that our products are mostly made from. While he still practices medicine, a lot of time is now also devoted to Miracle Noodle and finding and testing healthy, healing food options based on foods eaten by traditional cultures. He firmly believes that all that ails us in the world today could be solved by going back a few generations and making sure that the nutritional wisdom of our ancestors is remembered and combined with the latest science. While Miracle Noodle keeps him busy - it has allowed him the resources to investigate and learn about the nutritional wisdom of the world and how to get products and knowledge out to the world through his patients and his companies.

The Miracle Noodle Community's Impact

1% of every purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice. Check out the impact the Miracle Noodle community is making below

Cancer Research

Concern Foundation


Fund 2 days of a postdoctoral cancer researcher's salary

Funded 1 time so far

Global Small Business Support

Kiva Microfunds


Fund investment in a women's-owned social enterprise in Southeast Asia

Diabetes Research

Diabetes Research Institute Foundation


Fund 2 researchers with necessary lab equipment to perform a diabetes clinical trial for one year

Funded 1 time so far

Food Relief

Feeding South Florida


Fund the distribution of 1,000 weekend meals to students in Miami who regularly rely on school lunches for food

Funded 1 time so far

Nutrition Research

Linus Pauling Institute


Fund a 1-week internship for 2 student researchers to study metabolic diseases