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More than Just Shirataki Noodles: All Miracle Noodle Products

Whether you're looking for healthy foods to help you lose weight, curb your carb-consumption or satiate cravings, Miracle Noodle products are a smart choice. We're well-known for our world-famous Miracle Noodles, which are healthy and diet-friendly plant-based pastas. But did you know that we also produce a wide variety of good-for-you foods that are easily added to any diet? Our mission is to provide you with delicious, guilt-free foods that meet your specific dietary restrictions with no compromises.
Here you can browse all of our revolutionary foods to find new ways to enhance your diet with our plant based solutions. With a broad selection of healthy soups, nut butters, fruit sweeteners, ready-to-eat meals and so much more, this selection includes something for your particular diet and preferences. You'll also find our popular Miracle Rice, a shirataki rice that's made without calories, soy or gluten. The best part about Miracle Noodle products is that many of them can be used as the base for your meals. Explore our recipes to see how you can transform these tasty staples into gourmet dishes without the guilt.

Miracle Noodle: Pasta for Every Diet and Palate

You'll also find our popular Miracle Noodle pastas in this selection. Our founder, Jonathan Carp MD, had the idea for Miracle Noodle after visiting Japan and experiencing shirataki noodles first-hand. These low- or zero-calorie noodles are made from a traditional plant called the konjac plant. Whether you prefer Miracle Noodle Fettuccini, Spaghetti or Angel Hair, our guilt-free noodles will help you enjoy delicious pastas without adding unnecessary carbs and sugar to your diet.  They have been enjoyed in Japan for over a thousand years. They're easy to dress up with Miracle Noodle sauces, spray-on herbs and other tasty products from this selection.

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