This Little Known Zero Carb Noodle from Japan Transforms Your Favorite Meals From Heavy to Healthy! Start Enjoying Instant Health Benefits With 8 Pasta Shapes and Ready to Eat Meals!

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Why are celebrities and experts such as Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, JJ Virgin buzzing about our Shirataki Noodles?

In business for over a decade, Miracle Noodle has transformed the lives of over 200,000 customers and counting. Over 200,000 customers world-wide can’t be wrong.

Is there a secret to avoiding cravings for bad foods?

Yes, there is. And you just stumbled onto it :)

Our secret is that this is a Noodle with no carbs but still satisfies your hunger just like regular pasta and noodles (so you never sabotage your own health again…).

These low-calorie, gluten-free noodles with zero net carbs are made out of water-soluble fiber made from the Konjac plant and eliminate temptation for any foods that you know are bad for you.

Not only are they yummy, but the pre-biotic properties of the konjac plant (what our shirataki noodles are made of) are vital when it comes to gut health, inner balance and well-being.

Feel free to browse our store and see if there’s something you like. If you have any questions on any of the products or your purchase you can drop us a line on our live chat or through our contact form.

To Your Health,
Dr. Carp and the Miracle Noodle team.

“Our noodles, rice, and pasta are based on a 1400-year-old tradition started by Buddhist Monks in Japan. We are carrying that forward to the future by using only natural ingredients that have been eaten by cultures for centuries. You won't find preservatives, seed oils, or unpronounceable ingredients in our products”

Jonathan Carp M.D.

Jonathan Carp M.D. President & CEO