Wheat and Gluten free, they easily absorb the flavors of other ingredients.

Sick of being painfully aware that you’re not eating pasta every time you chow down on a bowl of zoodles? Try Miracle Noodle!

Cutting carbs but not ready to let go of pasta? Try Miracle Noodle!

You’ve probably already sworn off traditional pasta but uh, newsflash: try these noodles before dedicating yourself to limp veggies.

Grain Free

Made from the Konjac plant eaten in Asia for over 1,000 years

Low Carb

Only 1g net carb per serving

Recipe Ready

The perfect healthier carrier for your favorite sauce or ours.

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Healthy, Ready to
Eat Meals.

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Net Carbs
Paleo Friendly
Keto - Friendly
Net Carbs1
Paleo Friendly
Keto - Friendly
Italian Pasta
Net Carbs39
Paleo Friendly
Keto - Friendly
Chickpea Pasta
Net Carbs27
Paleo Friendly
Keto - Friendly
Lentil Pasta
Net Carbs28
Paleo Friendly
Keto - Friendly


Rocco Dispirito

Celebrity Chief, Author and Food Network Star

“I’ve found a great noodle thats made only from soluble fiber. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!”

Steven Gundry, MD

Author of “Plant Paradox”

“The fiber in these Miracle Noodle is probiotic fiber. It’s the stuff the good (bacteria) in your gut use for food.”


Take Control of Your Health

“These noodles contain 97% water, 3% fiber, virtually no calories or digestible carbs, plus numerous health benefits your body will thank you for”

21st Century Upgrade to Rice and Pasta

Invented in the 6th Century

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