Need to Start Exercising? Here’s the Easy Way

Can you squeeze your butt cheeks tight? Can you pretend someone is about to punch you in the gut and pull in your belly towards the spine?

If so, you’re ready to start exercising. If you can remember those two things--squeeze your butt and your abs--that’s all there is to’s that easy, especially when you have the expert help of certified fitness and Pilates trainer, Cassey Ho.

Cassey, a dear friend of the Miracle Noodle team runs a blog, cleverly named Blogilates. With the Internet saturated with fitness, nutrition and healthy living blogs and videos, Cassey has leaped over the rest of the pack, so much so, that she’s been named the #2 most influential online fitness/healthy living coach by, a high-traffic health website co-created by Dr. Oz.

Cassey also had the honor of having her blog named #1 healthy living blog by Fitness Magazine. So trust us when we tell you that you’re in great hands--and abs--with Cassey.

Avoid the sweat, grunts and germs of a gym...exercise at home!

The term ‘exercise’ may conjure images of running grueling marathons, lifting hernia-inducing weights, twisting yourself in an uncomfortable and impossible yoga-style pretzel, and being surrounded by self-conscious starving’s no wonder many people don’t want to start exercising.

But as Cassey will show you in her beginner series video collection, you can simply squeeze your glutes and abs in the comfort of your home, without any judgemental, looming eyes panning your way.

  • If you can get down to the floor and support your weight on your knees and hands, you’re well on your way to learning from Cassey how to engage your glutes (buttocks) and abs. Though you might not think you’ll be able to feel those muscles if you haven’t exercised in a while, you’ll be surprised.

After just a few repetitions, you’ll feel the burn--in a good way.

Within a couple weeks, you’ll be hooked and feeling better

If you commit to just a couple weeks of Cassey’s exercise plans and videos, you will likely experience the realization that you actually do have core musculature that you can feel. The deep muscles of your abdomen, lower back and tush form most of your core. Cassey will teach you how to activate the muscle fibers in these critical areas, helping you prevent debilitating back pain.

Like a beginner guitar player who has effortlessly, for the first time, played three different chords in a row (the bulk of most pop songs), or a novice Spanish speaker who has just asked where the toilet is--in Spanish--you will have that ‘A-ha’ moment when you’ll realize that your clothes feel slightly looser and your mid-section is firmer and your back feels stronger.

Get to this point--and it doesn’t take long--and you’ll be hooked on exercise, and it won’t feel like you’re running a marathon. That’s why Cassey does a great job...she makes fun and simple.

Miracle Noodle and Blogilates: both part of a healthy living plan

Why on the Miracle Noodle blog, usually devoted to all things nutrition (gluten-free, low-carb, general weight-loss, diabetes and healthy cooking tips), would there be a blog about exercise? The answer is that while zero-carb, zero-calorie Miracle Noodle has helped thousands of people worldwide slash hundreds of calories from their diet, helping them lose weight, exercise, of course, is a huge factor in preventing chronic disease and encouraging weight loss.

The Miracle Noodle team strongly believes that following a moderate-intensity and fun movement routine is key to achieving a superior state of well being--doesn’t ‘movement’ sound better than ‘exercise’?--and we strongly feel that Cassey is one of the best candidates for helping you start an exercise program.

Start your program now.

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