Miracle Noodle Graces Cover of New Low Carb Magazine

We’re proud to announce that Miracle Noodle is currently featured on the cover of the premiere issue of Low Sugar Living Magazine.

The new magazine’s lead story, “17 Simple Swaps that Slash your Sugar Intake,” includes a two-page spread, “Taste the difference,” in which Miracle Noodle was put to the test in Low Sugar Living’s kitchen.

The magazine’s editor tested rising-star chef, Sharon LissMiracle Noodle sesame noodle salad to see if the zero net calorie and zero carb shirataki noodles are worth it for someone considering swapping out conventional, high-carb pasta salad.

The result? Miracle Noodle was deemed “The perfect pasta substitute...it’s a great way to cut out several hundred calories.”

Low Sugar Living Magazine was created in response to the continuing rise in chronic yet highly-preventable diseases like diabetes and obesity. Every month, it will feature 101 low-sugar recipes, nutritional information, sugar substitutes.

The Miracle Noodle team believes that low-sugar living is important to living longer, healthier lives and enjoying more great experiences with friends and family. It’s also important to curb sugar intake so you can go about your daily life with more energy and vigor. You don’t have to succumb to cravings if you adopt a low-sugar life and eat adequate amounts of natural fat and lean protein at every meal.

The premiere issue of Low Sugar Living can be found at major retailers such as Walmart, CVS, Target and other supermarkets as well as Barnes and Noble bookstores.

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