Miracle Noodle Kugel: A Healthier Kugel

Say you’re at a dinner party and the host offers you a dessert platter of milk, eggs, raisins, cinnamon and cottage cheese, you might think these individual foods are a post-dinner oddity. But whipped up together, these ingredients form perhaps the most popular Eastern European Jewish dessert: kugel.

Since the middle ages, noodles have been used in kugel recipes. Several hundred years later, noodle kugel is enjoyed by Jews around the world, heralding, observing and celebrating Shabbat and Jewish holidays and celebrations.

For those who love eating kugel but are trying to lose weight, either for self-imposed goals or because their doctor advised them to, noodle kugel poses a problem. Traditionally, kugel is made from either egg noodles or potatoes. Both of these are high-starch carbohydrates, rapidly raising blood sugar levels. And what quickly goes up, quickly goes down--and gets stored as bodyfat.

So what’s a kosher kugel lover to do?

For starters, substitute regular egg noodles for Miracle Noodle. Try Miracle Noodle Angel Hair or Fettuccine. Miracle Noodle has the texture of regular noodles but because it is shaped from the root of a Japanese yam plant, it contains no calories. The fiber in Miracle Noodle is also good for your health.

To further keep your blood sugar levels from spiking, instead of regular sugar, try using raw stevia (Splenda would be another option, though not as optimal as stevia).

Make sure you don’t buy canned fruit (usually higher in sugar and may contain harmful chemicals in the can’s metal lining). Buy whole, organic varieties of fruit instead.

Add nuts like almonds to further prevent blood sugar levels from rising too quickly.

Recipe for Kosher Miracle Noodle Kugel

Miracle Noodle would like to thank one Phyllis from Connecticut for supplying this recipe for kugel using our noodles on Facebook.

Although Jews the world over prefer the sweet version of kugel, you can add more vegetables in your kugel recipe to make it even more healthy. You can add carrots, spinach or grass-fed/artisanal cheese, finely chopped fennel … get adventurous and gourmet up your own version of kugel. Don’t forget to make Miracle Noodle your primary base ingredient.

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