How to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

The average American consumes over 150 pounds of sugar per year. Back when the United States was a fledgling group of colonies, the average yank ate under 10 pounds of sugar per year. Of course, in the 1770s, there were no processed foods.


Ring Dings, Ho-Hos and Twinkies and Big Gulps were still 200 years from hitting the shelves. But if you’re a sugar addict, is it possible to beat your addiction?

First ask yourself, though, “What kind of sugar addict am I?”


In the book How to Beat Sugar Addiction Now, by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, there are a few different archetype sugar addicts, among them:

  • Energy drink addicts, who rely on these liquid cans of loaded sugars, to fuel their day. These people may appear peppy on the outside, but inside they are exhausted and constantly refuel their systems with this much-too-quick burning fuel.

  • Chronically hungry, irritable people who might very well say, “I need food now and if I don’t get something to eat soon, I’m going to kill somebody.” Does this person reach for several servings of veggies and a lean protein? Most often, not; the go-to quick fuel is sugary snacks.

  • Postmenopausal women who have unbalanced hormones and need sugar as a way to lift their energy levels.

Regardless of what drives your sugar addiction, consider also the psychological factor. Sugar, in many ways, can mirror our up and down daily lives. Ask yourself what kind of life you want. Do you want stability and steady energy and calmness and peace in your life?

If so, it helps to recognize that eating lots of foods and drinks with added sugar will not provide you with stability. (We’re not talking about a little bit of fruit or honey, it’s white sugar and corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup that’s the main problem.)

Added sugars will cause chaos in your life, with cycles of ups and downs.

There is oftentimes a direct relationship with mental health and nutrition. Consuming lots of sugar can result in mood swings and irritability.

Yes, sugar provides at times an orgasmic serotonin rush. If an alcoholic can’t wait to plop down at a bar stool for a beer, the sugar addict dreams of scarfing down a pint of ice cream (or more).

And how great we feel, euphoric even, during those first dozen bites of ice cream. How energized we are after those first few sips of soda or energy drink. But how do we feel an hour or two after? Not as good many of the times. The high has worn off.

We need another fix so we reach for more sugar.

To beat this vicious cycle, we need to eat foods that will provide us with steady energy. If we can just get through the first few days of this new way of eating and drinking, we’ll come out of the chaotic energy spiral and be infused with clear, clean energy.

You don’t need to eat bland, boring food in order to feel good. Miracle Noodle’s website has dozens of delicious, healthy recipes that can provide you with steady energy.

And here are some other ways to beat the sugar addiction:

  • take daily probiotics and an all-natural antifungal supplement to help starve sugar-loving yeast and candida (consult a professional for counseling)

  • for postmenopausal women, snacking on edamame and taking all-natural bio-identical hormone supplements can bring you back to balance (again, consult with a trusted professional)

  • A professional trained in neurotransmitter testing can see if you are low in dopamine, a natural feel-good chemical

  • Stop drinking fruit juice -- they contain as much sugar as regular soda

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