Are You Sure You're Cooking Miracle Noodles the Right Way?

Whether or not you're new to Miracle Noodles or have been cooking with them for quite a while now, we want to make sure you're preparing the noodles in the healthiest and tastiest way possible.


So to explain the very quick process, we made a video for you.

Most people know the first, important step of preparing Miracle Noodles, which is cutting the bag of noodles open--use scissors; don’t strain trying to rip it open with your hands!--and rinsing them in a strainer to neutralize the natural aroma.

The next step is also very easy and widely practiced: lightly boil the noodles for one minute.


But the third step is most crucial for getting the noodles to best soak up the flavors of the sauce. Are you preparing Miracle Noodles this way?  Watch the video now to find out how. Hint: if you hear the noodles squeaking, it’s a good thing! But don’t worry, the noodles aren’t being harmed; they like to squeal!


You'll enjoy your Miracle Noodle experience so much more by using this simple cooking technique explained in the video!


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