What's the Best Low Carb Post-Workout Drink?

You've just run 5 miles. Or come back from a hot yoga class dripping wet with sweat. Or maybe you just went for a long walk. You're parched. Your trillions of cells are simultaneously crying for refreshment. Your body needs immediate rehydration.
But if you're on a Low-Carb diet, refueling with sports- or energy drinks may negate any positive impact that your exercise routine has because your two primary reasons for eating low-carb is to control your blood sugar and prevent weight gain. 
There are a lot of people who still believe that weight gain only comes from eating too much fat in the diet. Fat makes you fat. But of course you're smarter than that and realize that drinking a can of soda with 35 grams of sugar will lead to excess blood sugars being stored as body fat, specifically abdominal or visceral fat, the worst kind for you. 
So what's the best rehydration drink?
Unless you just ran 25 wind sprints and cross-trained with pushups and pullups, in other words, a hardcore workout, the best drink to rehydrate the body is water, just plain pure water (if from a tap, filtered, to prevent chlorine and other chemicals from damaging your cells). 
But if you don't like water all that much, or get bored by it or it fails to quench your thirst after an activity, spruce up your water. More accurately, 'SPA UP' your water. Many health spas offer water with slices of lemon and/or cucumber. Get yourself a ceramic or glass pitcher. Fill with pure water. Cut up lemon or lime slices and cucumber and place in the water container. For best results, refrigerate the water. 
Get creative with your 'spa water.' You can add strawberry or orange slices as well. 
Trace minerals are the sparkplugs to your cells. They activate vitamins. Without them, our cells would not function. We only need, as the name implies, a small amount of trace minerals, but many processed foods lack them. One good option to also add to your spa water is a few shakes of real sea salt. The more colorful the salt, i.e. grey or pink, the less likely that the salt has been heated and processed. White salts, especially table salt tend to not have much in the way of trace minerals. 
Emergen-C(tm) brand rehydration packets are also a good option, especially the sugar-free variety. You only need water if you engage in a not so strenuous activity, but if you did exert some serious energy, the packets contain trace minerals. 
Also try Miracle Health Shots, a convenient way to make sure you resupply your body with antioxidants. Workouts are a stress on the body. Your system does not distinguish between stress; stress is stress. 
With serious exercise routines, water is not enough; you need vitamins and minerals to rehydrate the cells. Another Low-Carb way to make sure you're resupplying your cells with enough trace minerals after a strenuous or sweaty workout is to buy a liquid trace mineral supplement. Squeeze the serving size (usually a few drops) dropper into your spa water. 
Iodine is one very important trace mineral. It's added to table salt, but table salt is highly processed. A better source of iodine is sea vegetables and Miracle Noodle's Miso Marvellous, the world's first instant miso noodle soup, contains tengusa, a sea vegetable popular in Japan. Similar to seaweed or kelp, tengusa has several trace elements that can boost health. And of course, it's naturally low-carb. 
In addition to food colorings and other chemicals, sports- and energy drinks are often loaded with added sugars. Your body does not need all that sugar, even if you've exercised non-stop for over an hour. Eat foods with plenty potassium and sprinkle sea salt on your foods to refuel your cells with those essential spark plugs. 
Coconut water with no added sugars or preservatives is another healthy option. Your body can safely handle the natural sugars of the coconut water. But if you were, say, doing a gentle yoga class or just going for a casual walk, there's no need to drink trendy coconut water. Regular water--or spa water--will do the trick.
Got any other ideas for a healthy low-carb sports drink? Let us know at support@miraclenoodle.com

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