Be a Goal Getter!

Be a Goal Getter!

Hi Everyone! It's Teri! I'm your friendly Miracle Noodle Ambassador/Personal Trainer - here to pass on some tips. This week's focus: YOU!

How many times have you heard "New Year! New You!?" What is your initial reaction to the phrase? Does it make your eyes roll? Does it empower you? Does it make you feel overwhelmed? How does it make you feel when you hear it and why? Think about it for a bit. We'll come back to this at the end.

I encourage people not to wait for a holiday to begin a new health initiative. Start committing to healthy habits earlier if you can! (I'm looking at all of you waiting for the Super Bowl to be over or Valentine's Day!) That being said, here are Teri's Tips for goal setting!

1.) Set obtainable goals, one at a time.

So, a fair number of people usually go great guns right out of the gate on the 1st of the year. I get it. People get excited! The energy is high until 30 days later for many. If we put too much in front of us, it can be, well, too much! To avoid burnout, I suggest starting with one goal. When it's under control for over 30 days, you can start thinking about the next one.

2.) Make sure your resolution is a healthy one.

Does your goal have your best interest at heart? Is it physically and mentally healthy? Will it negatively impact you, work, or relationships? Here's an example: Let's say you have a goal of competing in an Iron Man. These are the questions I would ask myself: Is my mind ready? Is my body ready - or do I need to take steps to get it to the starting point of training? Is my relationship with my significant other/family (if there is one) strong enough/supportive of this endeavor? Have I discussed it with those who it may affect? Can I afford it? All these factors come into play.

3.) Once you achieve a goal, don't stop.

Always find a way to improve. What do I mean by this? Say you want to run a 5K. You accomplish this. Now what? Don't just stop with a healthy habit! Embrace it! You can work on pacing, distance, play with intervals, or try another fitness activity that you enjoy.

4.) Do your research.

How many times have you had a friend recommend a fad diet? Maybe they preach a specific method of training, lifestyle, etc.? Variety is the spice of life - don't get me wrong. There are many different methods and protocols for health. However, what works for one person does not mean it will work for another. We are individuals. With that comes individualized nutrition and training that will work for you. It may mean taking the time for research, find a coach, a mentor - someone who is educated and able to guide you toward your goals. Not necessarily your best friend, your aunt, brother, etc. Trust me. I've lived through multiple dietary protocols recommended by people I know, companies pushing a narrative, and influencers. Just because something works for some people doesn't mean it's the best approach for you.

5.) Surround yourself with positive people.

Seriously. If someone is not supportive of healthy habits, think about it. This may force you to confront relationship issues. That being said, sometimes, when we change, others may not embrace that change. That's OK. Let people know your goals. More often than not, people will be supportive. You will most likely end up meeting some pretty exceptional individuals. When you take care of yourself, when you set out to improve yourself - opportunities present themselves.

6.) Make a commitment to yourself.

Need to schedule a time to make your goals happen? Try putting it in your calendar. Try setting alarms to remind yourself to meal prep, train, meditate, do something creative - whatever your goal is. Whatever the steps are in achieving it - make a schedule. Then commit to it.

7.) Don't let your fears get in the way of your goals. Period.

You know what I'm going to say. Anything worth doing is not going to be easy. I get that we all want to succeed. To do that, we need to push ourselves. Last week I had to squat 200 lbs multiple times in my training leading up to my next powerlifting competition. Was I scared? HECK YES! Why? My personal record before this was 185 lbs for one squat at a competition in December 2016. I have not been training for large numbers since - until recently. In my quest to get stronger, I must get accustomed to doing things I may fail at first. Life moves forward outside the comfort zone.

Let's go full circle. "New Year! New You!" How does it make you feel now? Maybe change it to "New Year! New Opportunities!"

As always, I'm here for you! Drop a line on this post, or feel free to email me at I can also be found on all things social @fcpchick. I wish you health and happiness, always! Now, be a goal-getter!


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