Collection of Creative Miracle Noodle Recipes

Are you looking for Miracle Noodle or "skinny noodles like angel hair or capellini" recipes? Then you’ve come to the right place. This is where you can turn some of your favorite cheat-meals into dishes that are actually good for you.

It all started 10 years ago when Jonathan Carp, MD decided to bring the angel hair pasta to the US. The angel hair pasta allows one to turn high-carb dishes into energizing low-carb meals.

Thanks to raving customer reviews and word of mouth Miracle Noodle never had to do much advertising at all. One of the reasons word spread so quickly was that customers themselves came up with their own amazingly creative Miracle Noodle and skinny noodle like angel hair or capellini recipes. Over the years all of these customer-submitted recipes grew into an amazing collection of recipes that you can find here.

Miracle Noodle Recipes

There you can find everything from low-carb Noodle Soup, Pizza, Pudding, Fettuccine Alfredo among many others all made with Miracle Noodle products.

The Miracle Noodle Angel Hair (angel hair pasta) is Miracle Noodle’s core product and how the success story began.

The angel hair pasta contains no soy, gluten or wheat. Additionally, there are zero net carbs, zero calories and a glycemic index of zero. But the secret of success behind angel hair pasta is not the low amount of calories compared to traditional pasta but its ingredients.

The angel hair pasta consists of 96% water and 4% plant fiber. The plant fiber contained in the angel hair pasta is called Glucomannan and is essential in regulating healthy digestion so you feel fuller longer. Additionally, the Glucomannan helps keep your blood sugar stable, which in turn helps avoid carb cravings and emotional eating. That way your blood sugar and energy levels stay nice and steady throughout the day.

The reason the angel hair pasta is such a popular staple in the diet of a lot of health and nutrition experts is that it is not only healthy but it can taste great as well. The angel hair pasta will take on whatever flavor and sauce it is in. That way you add fullness and satiety to your meal, but without the calories!

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