Meal Prep with MealKitt!

Meal Prep with MealKitt!
Meal prep! You love it, right? WHAT? Don't you? Is it the counting calories, trying to calculate proportions or a time issue? We get it. A lot of people are confused by it, never heard of it, or want to learn more.

The phrase "meal prep" is all over social media, Pinterest, in magazines, in your friends' vernacular. Why? Well, because it works. When you prepare your food in advance, the right way, it helps you towards your health goals. It doesn't matter whether you are looking to maintain, lose or gain weight. Meal prep is an essential tool in helping you get where you want - or in some cases - need to be. Here at Miracle Noodle, we heard you - loud and clear.

We get a lot of questions on how to meal prep - so we decided to partner with MealKitt! MealKitt offers a simple and effective solution, teaching you how to eat, what foods to eat and in what amounts. It offers cups and scoops with measuring guides based on your goals. This way you can forget about having to calculate your nutrition out - which let's be honest - can sometimes feel like advanced math.

In addition to MealKitt itself, there are recipes and a handy suggested food lists to guide you through. These are available via a digital download to those who purchase. There is even an exercise plan to get you started should you need it. MealKitt is a well thought-out and tested approach to nutrition. The developer, Julian Gaine created MealKitt to help his Mother obtain a healthy weight. There was time, care, and passion put into this solution. We have provided a helpful video where Miracle Noodle Teri demonstrates how easy it is to use MealKitt.


If you would like to learn more about MealKitt and how it can help you, hop on over to the MealKitt page here! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Miracle Noodle! Teri is also willing to take your questions! She can be contacted via email at

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