The Little Known Benefits Of White Matcha Tea Powder

Quite a few people know about matcha tea powder and want to find out where to buy matcha tea powder.

But before you go ahead and buy just any matcha tea powder let me tell you about a special kind of matcha tea powder.

It’s been considered the Rolls Royce of the tea powders since it was discovered not long ago.

I’m talking about white matcha tea powder.

Green matcha powder is great but white matcha tea powder is even better.

The reason white matcha tea powder is considered better is that it has the highest concentration of polyphenols on the planet. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant, which are clinically proven to prevent free radical damage.

The white matcha powder is very convenient because you can simply scoop in half a teaspoon into your tea or favorite drink and take it on the go to work. That way you’ll make sure that you have your daily supply of powerful antioxidants to support your body. And if you want you can also add some natural honey or erythritol for a little bit of extra sweetness.

There are very few places in the world that produce white matcha tea powder. One of them is a valley in Kenya. And after some tough negotiations the team at the Miracle Noodle Kitchen was able to bring this rare and unique product to the US.

Let’s summarize the benefits of white matcha tea powder

  •  Very easy to use (also great to take on the go)
  • Highest concentration of polyphenols on the planet (this is not just hyperbole, it actually has the highest amount of polyphenols of any tea in the world by a wide margin).
  • Dried and ground using ancient, all-natural techniques, this ensures no bad stuff gets slipped in there during the manufacturing process. 

Now, here’s the best thing about all this…

The white matcha tea powder is not simply a bag of tea that you dunk into hot or cold water. Instead you put the powder directly into the drink. That way you’ll directly ingest the white tea powder instead of all the good stuff staying in a tea bag. With regular tea bags the contents (the best stuff) is usually thrown in the trash - a waste of powerful ingredients!

If you want to find out more about white matcha powder you can click here.

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