Why are so many buzzing about angel hair pasta?

So called skinny noodles like the angel hair, capellini and spaghetti have been a tradition in Japan for over 2000 years and somewhat of a secret for Japanese women to get and stay thin easily and naturally.

But does angel hair pasta still work in the 21st century?

Yes, it does. And in fact it has been called the ‘secret weapon’ or the ‘missing link’ by numerous transformational success stories. Not only is a conscious implementation of angel hair pasta a powerful tool in weight management but it is for blood sugar management, as well.

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For example we have Mark Shelton, former Yo-Yo Dieter that has lost an astounding 200 pounds, while dropping his body-fat from a dangerous 60% to a healthy 15%. He says that angel hair pasta has helped him stave off constant hunger and cravings.

Then there is Cameron Horner, who had to watch his family eat delicious spaghetti (his favorite meal) while he himself only was eating salad because he was watching his weight at the time. But one day he discovered angel hair pasta which allowed him to eat his favorite dish again without having to worry about weight gain.

Jordan Or, a high-performance athlete who used Miracle Noodles to effectively reduce and eliminate the amount of processed carbohydrates in his diet.

As well as Donna W, who has reached her goal, losing 30 pounds in total with the help of angel hair pasta and Miracle Rice.

These are only a handful of the countless of real life stories that were submitted to us thanks to angel hair pasta. Hearing stories like these every single day from customers who tried our angel hair pasta or our other skinny noodles like capellini or fettucini inspire us to work even harder in our mission to make healthy eating easy.

Now, sometimes it’s not always easy to do a lifestyle shift, no matter how small it is. So in order to start implementing angel hair pasta into your diet we recommend the following things. First of all, make sure you buy the angel hair pasta from the highest quality source you can find. You can do that by checking for how long a company has been in business and what other people say about the product. Second of all, with angel hair pasta the preparation beforehand is paramount. Meaning, when you first start cooking with angel hair pasta make sure you follow the instructions given, so that the angel hair pasta has the desired consistency, texture and taste.

Finally, it always takes a little bit of courage to try something new. But don’t postpone, take the small leap and maybe, just like thousands of others have experienced already, angel hair pasta will change your life forever, as well.

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