The Bizarre Economic Rule from the 19th Century That is The Key to Your Health

We’ve been told by experts and the media that every day there is a new health problem or barrier you have to overcome to achieve your ideal body weight and optimize your health.

However, according to Jonathan Carp, MD, our founder and CEO — who is responsible for thousands of people improving their health and shedding extra pounds — many of the recommendations that are made by so-called experts result in little to no effect for the overwhelming majority of people.

“Professor Pareto in the 19th century explained that all you need to do is focus on 20% of the things that mean the most and ignore the rest. He would say that if you can identify the critical or ‘vital few’ you would get around 80% of the results. For most people, this would resolve most of their health concerns and allow them to achieve their health goals, they key is finding what those are.” Says Dr. Carp

Dr. Carp has combined several of those vital few things into a program that is transformative for your health.

Professor Pareto's principle is everywhere. You wear roughly 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. Roughly 20% of the food you eat causes 80% of your weight gain which means that if you focus on finding and eliminating those 20%, substantial weight loss can be achieved. 

But it goes much deeper than this.   Read on to learn that recent advances in a "fasting with food" study at USC also conforms to this law and let us explain how it can impact your health with just 5 days of careful eating.  Imagine if you only had to focus on getting those 5 days right!  Dr. Carp has personally led hundreds of people through this process with great success that lasts long after the program.

Dr. Carp explains, “The truth is that each person is unique, but over the last 20 years of seeing patients, I have found that there are a few easy and simple strategies that everyone can start that can move the needle, even if you have been stuck for years.”

The good news is, that the science of very short periods of a special eating plan that can 1.  mimic fasting 2. Put you in short term ketosis, and 3. by utilizing a Japanese noodle known for over a thousand years to make it easy, you can easily start on a program that can yield big gains.  It is classic Professor Pareto thinking, simple things that lead to major health gains.

“It’s much simpler than you think,” he goes on to explain.

By simply swapping your carbs with this noodle and rice, known as Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice and incorporating 5 days of a special diet made easy by heaping bowls of these noodles and rice, Dr. Carp has seen the most remarkable improvements of health of anything he has ever been involved in his 20 years of medical practice. (In fact, he says it is the single most impactful thing he has done for himself!)

Dr. Carp has led hundreds of people through this process and is opening the program up to a wider audience.

“Life is complicated enough, what Professor Pareto taught is you just need to find the small minority of things that yield the greatest results and you don’t have to worry about the rest,” he explains. “If this video can introduce people to these concepts in practical ways you can start using tomorrow, it will have served its purpose.”

Since the program includes personal coaching from Dr. Carp, he opens the program up to only 20 people at a time.  If you are on this page it means that there are a few spots available.  This page is taken down when the program is full.   

This is often the turning point in people's health, it gives them a sense of accomplishment that they have control over their health destiny.

Click below to watch the video.   It was recorded live to a small group of people on Dr. Carp's health newsletter.  Hit the gear button on the bottom right for faster playback if you wish.

Contact us to join our group. Remember to use coupon code 'jan42' for $42 off. This coupon code in addition to giving you a massive discount will alert us that you want to be part of Dr. Carp's comprehensive coaching program which includes :

  • Personal Calls with Dr. Carp ($600 value based on his going rate for 2 hours of calls)
  • 5 days of all the food you need for the special plan described above ($250 value)
  • Supply of Miracle Noodles during the 5 days ($37 value)
  • Private Groups both online and via Whatsapp Text message group to connect with others, moderated by Dr. Carp and his team. ($100 value)
  • Food Tracker Reviews for the entire month with Dr. Carp with free access to pro account (the best food tracking software on the net) $150 Value)
  • Access to Dr. Carp's patient website where you can chat with him and plan your next stage after finishing this transformative program ($150 value)

All of the above paid separately is $1287 for the month and is available for only $147 (with a mail-in $50 rebate).  We are giving this huge discount because we believe that once you see the transformative power of these simple but powerful interventions, you will become an ambassador of good will for us and Dr. Carp's plan. 

Given the high level support and Dr. Carp volunteering his time- we limit this program to only 20 people at a time so people can get the support they need and respect Dr. Carp's limited time.  He still sees patients and is our CEO :)    Don't let this offer pass you, it could just be the one thing that brings you closest to your health goals. 

What happens next? 

After you purchase and use the coupon code, we will reach out to you to get access to all the support and software.  The food will arrive within 5-7 business days but before you start you will get information on how to prepare for these 5 days of eating as well as the support after you finish the 5 days and extend for an entire month.  Don't underestimate the friendships and support of other members that you will find.   We are proud to have a very friendly, active, and supportive group that will be with you for this journey.

We look forward to getting to know you,

The Miracle Noodle Team (Kay, Pam, Selma, Rossana, Jill, Susan, Lewis, Jo, Kelly, Regine, Almeria, Liz, Maria, Sargie and Heidi)

P.S. If you didn't watch the video fully please take the time.

About Dr. Carp

Jonathan Carp, MD has been a practicing MD since the year 2000.   He started Rutgers Medical School as a junior at Rutgers College as part of an advanced program for a small group of high achieving students. 

Dr. Carp’s distinguished track record includes 4 years as Chief of Dermatology at a prominent Los Angeles medical center and 3 years in a row as a winner of the Outstanding Physician Merit Award.

Since 2004, Dr. Carp has led hundreds of patients through a program that allows them to heal naturally using the latest in lifestyle medicine.   Through his work founding Miracle Noodle, this has been multiplied to many thousands who have seen profound impacts in their health.

Dr. Carp’s passion is educating people about longevity, weight loss, and general well-being. While he loves seeing his patients, he loves it, even more, when they no longer need him and have become their own authorities in health.  This program represents the latest in scientific advances and is Dr. Carp's most profound program for optimal health and achieving your ideal body weight.

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