KBBQ Short Rib Rice Bowl

KBBQ Short Rib Rice Bowl

An up-close look at your new favorite bowl. This KBBQ Short Rib Rice Bowl from Chelsea has everything we want in a dish, from Miracle Rice to textural veggies to a delicious sauce. 

"Ya girl is always down for Korean food. Pictured here we have LA Kalbi with grilled onions, fried garlic chips, and broccoli seasoned with sesame oil. This was all on a bed of cauli rice and Miracle Rice sautéed together with garlic and more seasame oil."

Recipe by Chelsea AKA @pop_lock_and_keto.

Cauli/Miracle Rice Mix

1 bag of Miracle Rice, prepared according to package
Cauliflower rice from frozen, prepared
1-2 Tbs of sesame oil
2 cloves of garlic, minced

Main Dish

3 pounds short ribs soaked in cold water
3/4 cup tamari (soy sauce alternative zero carb)
12 cloves garlic
1/4 medium onion chopped
1/4 cup mandarin sparkling ice
1/2 cup crisp apple sparkling ice
1/4 cup chili garlic sauce
1/3 cup sesame oil (can omit, not recommended to have a lot of this on a keto diet)
1/4 cup roughly chopped green onions
1/4 cup Lakanto Sweetener Gold
Pepper/ garlic powder/ paprika to preference

1. Take all shortribs out of water season with dry seasonings. ⁣⁣

2. Put all ingredients besides meat into a blender and blend together. ⁣⁣

3. Dump sauce and massage meat lightly. ⁣⁣

4. Marinade for 12 hours in fridge, take out for an hour, cook in a frying pan with ghee/ butter/ avocado oil and finish with a bit of sesame oil! ⁣⁣

5. While preparing ribs, prepare Miracle Rice as indicated on package. Prepare cauli rice according to package. Set aside.

6. Prepare a skillet with sesame oil. Warm oil over medium heat and let it spread over skillet. Add garlic and sautee until fragrant. Add Miracle Rice and cauli rice. When cooked through, set aside.

7. Enjoy!
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