Savory Garlic and Egg Rice

Savory Garlic and Egg Rice

Lidice is serving a delicious meal using our Miracle Rice. This recipe is easy to make. Try her restaurant-worthy keto fried rice!

"I'm not going to tell you anything. Do this! A simple dish that tastes as if they were dining at a gourmet restaurant. I'm just going to tell! I regret not having made more. Duplicate the recipe if you are going to share it like me today."

Recipe by Lidice Alvarez AKA @simplecookrd.⁣

This recipe makes 2 servings.⁣

1 pack of Miracle Rice
1 beaten egg⁣
1 tablespoon of crushed garlic⁣
1 small red onion⁣
4 tablespoons chopped broccoli⁣
1 tablespoon carrot, minced⁣
Meat of your selection: I use Hugo Pork
Liquid aminos to taste / soy sauce/coconut aminos (whichever you prefer)⁣
1 raw egg yolk⁣


1. I put my pork in the oven separately. Once cooked, I add the pork to the rice. I remove the skin and put it back in the oven if it is not as crisp as I want and then cut into pieces.⁣

2. Prepare Miracle Rice: strain it, put it in cold fridge water for 15 min, strain it again, and boil it in water for 2 min. Then strain it and put it in a pan until all the water evaporates (approx. 5 min). Set aside.⁣

3. Fry garlic, then onion, then carrot, then miracle rice, the meat of my pork belly (I leave the crispy parts aside to add it at the end), broccoli, beaten egg, and liquid aminos. Season with salt to taste and add liquid aminos to your liking.⁣

4. I served this very hot, and I placed a raw egg yolk (it cooks on the outside with the residual heat that the rice has and it is liquid inside). I then added the diced pork belly and black sesame seeds.

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