Gail C, Babylon, NY

Gail C, Babylon, NY
  • 100 Pounds Lost! No More Diabetes Medications Necessary!
  • In June 2012, my husband underwent cervical spinal surgery. He suffered serious throat muscle damage during the surgery which resulted in the necessity for him to be hooked up to a feeding tube for the next six months. Fortunately, he was one of the lucky ones who recovered sufficiently to be able to regain his throat muscle control.

    During this time, I weighed 235 lbs. I had been a fad and yo​-​yo dieter for 50 years. I was taking medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. My favorite foods included pasta, rice and noodles. When he lost the ability to swallow, it made a significant impact on my own eating habits and I decided then and there that if I didn't do something to improve my own health, who would be around to take care of him ​?​

    I began a new weight loss and exercise routine and started slowly losing some weight. One day I saw Chef Rocco Dispirito on a morning TV show cooking light recipes highlighting a new discovery "​M​iracle ​N​oodle."​

    After researching this new product, I began ordering theMiracle ​R​ice, noodles, ziti and angel hair.

        I have used them in tons of recipes, they are filling, healthy, low in fat, carbs and calories and are delicious. Today, I weigh 132 lbs and have been on maintenance for the past six months.


    Miracle Noodles are truly a miracle and I don't know how I could have managed my weight loss success without them - and now as I maintain this weight loss, they remain a significant part of my diet - they are amazing and so versatile. Plus, I am no longer on meds for the type 2 diabetes and meds for blood pressure and cholesterol have been significantly reduced.*

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