Jess B, North Pole, AK

Jess B, North Pole, AK
  • After My Mother Passed Away, I was Scared. Then, I Lost 60 Pounds and Got Healthy!
  • I have been overweight and struggling with my weight since a young age. I have tried all kinds of diets and programs to lose weight since I was in Junior High without much success. The little weight I did loose would always seem to come back. Even as I got older into high school when I was eating very little and working a very active job I could not seem to take off the extra weight. I kept on struggling for many years. Weight issues are not an uncommon thing in my family.

    My mother had struggled with her weight for most of her adult life. And ended up with many health issues because of it. My mother died at the young age of 50 and that was scary. After she passed away the weight crept up on me and I reached an all time high in my weight gaining. This scared me and I knew I had to do something.

    A friend of mine had been doing a HCG program and had much success with it so I asked her for info about it and did some research. I found that it would be very strict but showed the results I was looking for. As part of this diet you eat very little and consume very few calories no sugar and no fat.

    As part of the program my doctor told me about Miracle Noodles as they are zero calories and carbs I could have as much of them added to my diet as I wanted. So I decided to try them out and I am so very glad I did. It made meals so much better adding in a half a pack of noodles or the rice with stir fries, soups, spaghetti I was able to incorporate them into all kids of meals. I would feel full and satisfied.

    The Miracle Noodle products are great because they take on the flavor of whatever you cook them in. I also got some of the Konjac Flour and started experimenting with it started adding it to soup, and sauces as a thickener and for making gravy. I also found it makes a great thickener for making sugar free fruit pie filling. The Miracle products have been a big help in sticking with and maintaining my program since being on it I have lost a total of 107 lbs and still working my way to a healthy weight and life.*

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