Jay Henderson, Boise, ID

Jay Henderson, Boise, ID

I Thought Gluten Free Noodles Were a Hoax ... Until I Lost 80 Pounds 

I thought Gluten free was a big hoax,
just the next big fad in the never-ending world of diet and health marketing schemes.

I have tried it all:
being a gym rat,
laser liposuction,
HCG drops and more....

When on the HCG diet,
I did lose weight but who wouldn't with only 500 calories a day?

So after eating salads for 9 months
I couldn't eat one more piece of lettuce and all the weight came back
PLUS 10 pounds in 3 months.

I suffered with sinus problems,
high blood pressure that medications never seemed to control,
and from sleep apnea (the snoring was driving my wife crazy) ...

My daughter suffered from her own health problem
that the medical profession could not seem to find a cause.

But after she went gluten free it seemed to make a big difference.
So she talked me into trying it.

But after trying several different Gluten Free products,
I came to the following conclusion, which I shared with my wife: most of them are like trying to eat sawdust!

I had to do something, though ...
I just turned 58 and as a result of the weight gain,
I was forced to purchase my first 3 XL shirt. My waist increased to size 40.

That’s when I said 'No more!'

After searching for a solution I came across the Miracle Noodles website.

After some more research,
I decided to give them a try.

At first it was a little questionable
but after learning how to properly cook with them,
I discovered that I could have all the flavors of the foods I enjoy....

The biggest advantage to using Miracle Noodles:
I was able to fix portions that satisfied my body and I never suffered from that feeling of being deprived.

On September 1st, of last year, I weighed 260 pounds. But just 6 short months later my weight is down to 183 pounds.

I’m wearing a size large shirt and a 34 waist.
My sinus problems are gone,
my blood pressure is now 125 over 75
and my sleeping is 100 times better with almost zero problems
which made a tremendous improvement in my mood and energy levels.

Even though I can’t claim to be 100 percent gluten free,
Miracle Noodles have made a major change in my health and life.

I still have plans to lose at least another 15 pounds
but even after that I plan on using Miracle Noodles
for the rest of my life to maintain the
status of health and quality of life I have achieved.

Thank you so much. You have changed my life.*

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