Michael S, Alameda, California

Michael S, Alameda, California
  • From Pudgy to 60 Pounds Slimmer, Trimmer & Sexier!
  • I've lost 60 pounds (27 kilos) in a year, from 238 to 177, by changing only my diet, from very carb-rich to almost no-carb.

    Miracle Noodle saved the day, just as my longing for pasta threatened to take away my progress. My sweetie and I make two bags of Miracle Noodle almost every day, whether it's as part of mac-and-cheese, Italian whatever, sautéed in the frying pan after the meats are done.

    We used to think they were too expensive, but we occasionally found them on sale and stocked up, and just recently we found them for an even better price on your website. We've got a whole closet stocked up with all your varieties, especially the fettuccine. Just discovered, and ordered, your ziti! Can't wait to try it.

    Thank you for a wonderful product. Let me know if you need a mascot*!*

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