Lori Schubring, Lannon, WI

Lori Schubring, Lannon, WI
  • I can’t tell you the last time I ate regular high-carb pasta! To be able to enjoy pasta without the fat, carbs and calories is incredible!


  • I am so thankful to actually find a product that "is" what it claims, is an incredible asset to my life and that provides outstanding customer service.

    I have shouted from the rooftops about this product, even placing a link and post on my Facebook page. I am on the HCG Diet and the noodles provide a fabulous "filler" for the morning. I can not wait till I am in the maintenace phase when I can use other sauces. To be able to enjoy the sensation of pasta without all the fat, carbs and calories is incredible! I placed a large order yesterday and I can't wait to try and enjoy all the other styles as well as the angel hair that I KNOW is great!

    Because I love pasta I still needed a way to be able to make some of my favorite pasta dishes and thankfully I discovered Miracle Noodles. I purchased a large quantity of different Miracle Noodle products (the rice, spinach noodles, etc) and I haven't looked back. I could not tell you the last time I ate pasta.

    I love how Miracle Noodles are so versatile and easy to prepare and my husband even eats them with me now. It is nice too know you can enjoy 'pasta' dishes without the guilt that used to take place after a good comfort meal. Fast forward to today and I now weigh 217 lbs. My journey isn't over but I am happier and healthier because I switched to Miracle Noodles!!!!*

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