Leah Hochbaum, Hebron, Israel

Leah Hochbaum, Hebron, Israel
  • The life of my son, on a diet since a very young age, became more delightful with the “Yummy American” noodles!
  • Yedidya, age 20, is diagnosed with Autism and Epilepsy - and has a slew of GI and immune issues. As a result, he has been on a restricted diet since he was small.

    Over the years this diet has become more and more restricted - no gluten/ grains, no dairy, no soy, no sugar, very limited carbs altogether.

    He loves pasta (who doesn't?!) but usually this has been a no-no for him. Since discovering your pasta, life has been so much happier for him!!

    He creates all sorts of sauces ( he is a great chef) and keeps asking (in Hebrew) for those "American" noodles (we live in Israel).

    He can't wait to receive them in the mail each time - they are his favorite meal. For a kid who can barely eat too much else - this is very significant.

    We also did a ketogenic diet for awhile (for his seizures) and even though we are no longer doing it - we have maintained the noodles!

    Thank you so much in Yedidya's name for the yummy "American" noodles!

    Yedidya's mother*

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