Elycia, Georgia

Elycia, Georgia


My name is Elycia and I just turned 28 and I am determined to get in the best shape by 30! I was raised in Maine, now currently living in Georgia where I reside with my husband. My husband is active duty in the army and as any military spouse knows, having a spouse in the military ( where fitness is an everyday expectation ) can fuel your motivation to get into shape. We've lived all over the world and have indulged in different cultures of food and unless you're careful, it can add up!

My journey started June 4th, 2 years ago and 1 day after my birthday. I had a doctors appointment regarding pain in one of my legs and one of their first conclusions was me being overweight. I had never seen a nutritionist before or even thought that was an option. As soon as the doctor recommended I see one to help me with my weight issue, I immediately felt as if I was in denial with myself. I was ashamed that I had let myself go this bad and how I abused a body that to this day has never failed me. I hit my first real low and knew something must change.

It was right then at that moment I knew I was ready to change. I had owed it to myself. I had plenty of support along the way through family and friends and also a public page I made on Facebook for anyone looking for motivation. I shared advice and recipes and made a lot of new friends. It was only just recently where I thought things were going well and after another doctors visit, I found out I had a problem with my thyroid. This issue had caused recent weight gain and the pounds weren't coming off as easy as they used to. I realized I I have to look at the positive if I want to live a healthy lifestyle. I realized I enjoy eating clean so watching what I consume shouldn't be that hard. I am obsessed with watching the calories come off at the gym and sweating. I am a girl who loves a good sweat when I work out, otherwise I don't feel like I've put in enough. Lastly, I have an overwhelming amount of support. I have my husband who enjoys fitness and any new food recipe. Friends and family from all over the world are always there for me cheering me on. So when all is said and done, yes, I've gotten a lot of bad news and yes I've been ashamed, embarrassed and just plain tired of being overweight. But there will always be things along the way to help inspire you. Motivation comes from within and all you have to do is put fourth the effort. Try to sweat everyday and when you want to indulge, do so in moderation. I hardly eat anything bad these days seeing that I've lived 3 years as pescatarian but my one guilty pleasure of mine was/is pasta. Now that I have been introduced to miracle noodle I am obsessed! I feel as if i know a secret that know one else knows. I've added some recent pictures of my journey and two of my favorite miracle noodle recipes. (Vegetable rice medley and clean tofu pad Thai)













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