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So Much to Explore: All Miracle Noodle Products

You might know us here at Miracle Noodle for our world-famous shirataki pasta that provides you with a filling, enjoyable meal minus the guilt. But we’ve got a broad assortment of foods that go far beyond Miracle Noodles, including rice, soup, ready-to- eat foods, nut butters, herbs, vinegars and health-boosting matcha products. Our signature low-carb, zero-calorie noodles are perfect for healthy stir-fries, Italian pasta dishes, soups and so much more.

The same philosophy applies to Miracle Noodle rice, a shirataki rice that’s made with plants and has no gluten, soy or calories. There’s no better addition to your keto, paleo, vegan or no-carb stir-fry or fried rice than Miracle Rice. Buy in bulk or individual bags so you always have some on hand for your most crave-worthy creations! If you aren’t sure which Miracle Noodle products you want to try first, check out our samplers. These bundles can be ordered in noodles, rice and combo samplers to give you a taste of all of our offerings.

Not Just for Five-Star Chefs: Healthy, Ready-to- Eat Food

We also make it easy to add healthy, guilt-free foods to your diet if you’re not a big fan of cooking from scratch. From super-tasty low-calorie soup to ready-to-eat meals that suit your particular palate, Miracle Noodle has got a pantry full of options for picky, health-conscious eaters. Don’t forget to try our yummy desserts and buns if you’re craving carbs but don’t want all that extra sugar. Miracle Noodle is happy to offer free shipping on all products when you buy online from our store!

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