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The Closest Thing to Carb-Free Pasta Around

With less than 1 gram of net carbohydrates per serving, there’s no better pasta for the carb-conscious eater than Miracle Noodles. Our shirataki pasta has zero net carbs — that little bit is only to add 3 percent soluble fiber and natural calcium additive that we use to help our noodles maintain their shape. Not only are these plant-derived pastas low in carbs, they’re also almost all zero calorie, soy-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free and vegan.

Miracle Noodle is happy to offer a range of shirataki pastas for every palate, including Miracle Noodle Angel Hair, Fettuccini, Spaghetti, Ziti, Capellini, Kanten Pasta and more. That means that you can whip up all your favorites — spaghetti and meatballs, baked ziti, shrimp scampi, you name it — without compromising your diet. These tasty noodles are made from the Japanese Konjac plant, which has been enjoyed in Japan for more than 1,400 years!

Flavored Shirataki Pasta for Picky Palates

In addition to unflavored shirataki noodles that make the perfect starting point for your extra-special pastas, soups and casseroles, we also create flavored shirataki noodles that bring some extra flavor. Try some Garlic & Herb Fettucine if you love something warm, classic and inviting or add some extra nutritional value with our Spinach Angel Hair.

While we love Italian-inspired dishes as much as anyone else, we also have plenty of noodles that are great for working into your authentic Asian cuisine. Shop Kanten Noodles and Seaweed Spaghetti Pasta if you’re looking for a healthy new twist on standard pasta. Remember, you can always take advantage of free shipping and easy auto-delivery when you buy Miracle Noodles straight from the source at MiracleNoodle.com!

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