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Soup that Works for Your Body

Delicious, nutritious and easy to integrate into your routine, Miracle Noodle soup is all about helping you feel your best without feeling deprived. We believe that food is the key to all-around health — Miracle Noodle was founded by a doctor who pioneered lifestyle modification techniques — but we also believe in the enjoyment of eating. Our soups follow that philosophy with healthy ingredients that serve you and your entire body.

Recipes with a Greater Purpose

Whether you want soup for weight loss, detoxification or immune support, Miracle Noodle has the options for you. Our Cleanse & Detox Soup supports the blood and organs with 22 antioxidant spices plus high-fiber quinoa to help support your digestive system. Add this detox soup to your cleanse or fast for some extra support or enjoy it anytime you want to rid the body of toxins that weigh you down. We also have a unique Energy Support Soup that provides you with a subtle yet long-lasting energy boost courtesy of wheat grass, coconut milk, ashwagandha and green tea.

If weight loss is your goal, then you’ll definitely want to give our Weight Management Soup a try. This delicious, high-fiber soup contains herbs that help burn calories, boost metabolism and keep you full, with each serving containing only 120 calories. We achieve this through a special blend of protein, fiber and dietary fat. Oh, and our soups are convenient, too! Each one is easy to heat up on the stove in just a few minutes. You can prepare it at work, at home or wherever you need a tasty, healthy pick-me-up.

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