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All-Around Healthy and Organic Noodles and Rice

Let's face it: Sometimes it's impossible to know what we're putting in our bodies. One of the best ways to ensure that we're not adding unnecessary (and frankly, frightening) extras into our diet is to eat organic foods. Fruits and veggies that are grown organically tend to have more beneficial nutrients than ones that are grown with pesticides and fertilizers.  Eating organic just makes us feel better all around. That's why Miracle Noodle is committed to providing healthy certified organic rice and noodles.
More Reasons to Love Miracle Noodle

If that's not enough to get you on the Miracle Noodle bandwagon, consider that we put some serious love and care into every single product we make. Our organic shirataki noodles are made from the Japanese Konjac plant, which contains a healthy plant soluble fiber.   Plus, all of our shirataki noodles and rice have zero net carbs, zero (or very few) calories, zero soy and zero gluten. Yes, that means you can enjoy all your favorite stir-fries, pastas, soups, salads and rice dishes without the guilt!

Not only are we committed to providing certified organic products to our dedicated customers, but we also strive to make our foods healthy in many other ways. For that reason, all of our products are made without GMOs.  We also offer a great selection of organic products that can be used to dress up your Miracle Noodles or Miracle Rice, including the always-popular Simply Beyond Spray-On Herbs.

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