Thanks for your interest in working with Miracle Noodle! All collaboration requests are handled through our social media manager.

Please read the following before moving forward.

What we are looking for:

  • For product in exchange for post we request a 3k following or larger on Instagram with an engagement rate of 1% or higher
  • For paid sponsored posts, we are looking for over 20k following and a 1.2% engagement rate or higher.
  • Experience working with food related content in your main feed. Must have experience in food blogging, working with other food industry brands, or recipe development.
  • Experience with lifestyle posts featuring product is a plus. 

  • Content in your feed that is family friendly.

NOTE: All accounts under consideration will go through a background check for audience credibility. We will also look at previous posts with sponsored content to determine ROI based off of calculations for engagement.

To be considered for a paid collab, please send a media kit along with your email. Click here to apply.