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MUSO Products Variety

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Product Description

NEW Muso Products Variety!

The 5-Pack includes:
1 Smart MISO™ Light Sweet Miso
1 Smart MISO™ Brown Rice Miso
1 Organic Umeboshi Puree
1 Organic Umami Puree with Ginger
1 Organic Umami Puree with Togarashi Pepper

The 10-Pack Includes:
2 Smart MISO™ Light Sweet Miso
2 Smart MISO™ Brown Rice Miso
2 Organic Umeboshi Puree
2 Organic Umami Puree with Ginger
2 Organic Umami Puree with Togarashi Pepper


Miso paste is a traditional Japanese food. For more than 1,300 years, Miso has been consumed as one of the most important culinary seasonings in Japan. Miso is produced by steamed soybeans with Koji-cultured grains such as rice, brown rice or soybeans and sea salt.

Our "From Japan" standing Smart Misos come from family owned miso producers (in Japan) using a traditional production method: selecting choice soybeans, rice, brown rice, and sea salt. Rich and flavorful, gourmet, our vegan soy miso is now available in an easy-to-use package. Our paste is excellent for making authentic Miso Soup, great as a salad dressing or Marinade for your favorite food.

Organic Umeboshi Puree

Umeboshi, a salt pickled / sun-dried ume plum (Prunus mume) is one of Japan’s most ancient super foods. Since the 10th century, the Japanese have used umeboshi as a healthy tonic, where Samurai warriors used it as an energy enhancer. It contains considerable amounts of citric and phosphoric acids, which has a paradoxical alkalizing effect on the blood. This is why Umeboshi is often referred to as “the king of Alkaline Foods.” Umeboshi is also a unique culinary addition in your kitchen, providing an unusually salty, sour, and subtly sweet flavor to any foods you eat with them. This healthy pickled condiment is pureed and packed in an easy-to-use screw top stand pouch and ideal for sushi, dips, sauces, and salad dressing.

Organic Umami Puree

From Japan, Organic Umami Puree is a naturally fermented artisanal sauce made from soy sauce that has been infused with koji cultured rice. It is extremely versatile and has applications in many cuisines and cooking styles-adding umami and liveliness to any dish.

Product Benefits


  • No MSG
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • No additives
  • Shelf Stable (refrigerate after opening)
  • Clean and Easy to Use
  • Naturally Aged
  • Great source of Protein
  • Nutritional Information

    MUSO Smart MISO™ - Brown Rice Miso


    MUSO Smart MISO™ - Light Sweet Miso


    MUSO Organic Umeboshi Puree


    MUSO Organic Umami Puree with Ginger


    MUSO Organic Umami Puree with Togarashi Pepper



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    MUSO Products Variety has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.