What's the Best Sweetener for Diabetics?

For someone trying to live a low-carb life in hopes of improving diabetes, it’s imperative to pick a sweetener for your tea or coffee, favorite dessert, homemade yogurt and ice cream, iced tea or once-in-a-blue-moon soda.

Which sweetener is the best for diabetics? There are several options, including popular artificial sweetener brands like Splenda®, Sweet-N-Low®, Equal® and others which also contain synthetically-sweet additives such as aspartame, xylitol, erythritol, maltitol, sorbitol and saccharine.

Any green thumbs out there? Love to plant chrysanthemums? One herb in the family of these perennial flowering plants is perhaps the best sugar alternative for diabetics. Botanists know the plant as ‘Stevia Rebaudiana,’ but around the world, the shorter appellation ‘stevia’ has become synonymous with “natural zero-calorie sweetener.”

There are about 300 species of stevia, but stevia rebaudiana has unique compounds that make this plant several times sweeter than regular sugar.

Don’t like the taste of stevia? Get over it!

Some people who have been regularly consuming white table sugar for several decades  and developed a favorable palette to regular sugar find stevia either too metallic or too sweet in taste. There’s something just not right about the taste at first for some people who have tried it.

If you’d like to lose weight (especially body fat) and improve your diabetes and have tried stevia as a sugar substitute but didn’t like it the first time you tried it, consider this analogy: The first time you tried beer or wine or blue cheese, did you immediately love it? Chances are, probably not. You most likely developed an affinity over time.

Replacing high-carb pasta with Miracle Noodle and high-starch rice (which quickly converts into sugar) with Miracle Rice are two of the biggest changes you can make if you want to drastically improve your diabetes. The other third component of the holy low-carb trinity is to use healthy sugar alternatives when baking or eating desserts or drinking your favorite beverages.

Artificial sweeteners are bad for your brain

The Miracle Noodle team believes that stevia, especially raw stevia, is among the best sweeteners for those with diabetes. Stevia will not raise your blood sugar levels nor does it contain any neurotoxins that are found in many synthetic, artificial sweeteners. To be fair to artificial sweeteners, neurotoxins are also found in nature; they are not only the result of how synthetic chemicals interact with our brain’s wiring. Snake venom, certain fungi (mushrooms), lead and other natural compounds contain neurotoxins but we usually don’t knowingly sprinkle  lead or other natural neurotoxins into our morning coffee.

Our bodies are constantly at work eliminating toxins but continued use of artificial sweeteners that have neurotoxins (such as aspartame) can create a backlog. The liver can become overworked and sluggish. If you have diabetes, your liver is already overtaxed. A sluggish liver contributes to sluggish metabolism; losing weight will be difficult with an overburdened liver and colon.

This South American Plant that’s Gone Global Won’t Create Toxic Overload

Stevia, which originally was cultivated by indigenous tribes in what is now the South American nation of Paraguay, is now being used around the globe as a safe alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. The Japanese not only discovered calorie-free shirataki noodles centuries ago, long before coming to American markets, they also have been using stevia sweetener for several decades now.

Take it from the Japanese when it comes to low-carb living. How many obese Japanese have you seen? Probably not many, besides the occasional sumo wrestler.

Stevia can be used in any dessert [link to dessert blog] that features Miracle Rice such as Miracle Rice Chocolate Pudding.

Sweeten any Miracle Noodle recipe by adding stevia. Need some recipe ideas? Download the Miracle Noodle Recipe book for free.

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