Diet Math 101: 2 Easy Ways to Slash over 10,000 Calories A Month

Let's take a couple common high-carb things that billions of people consume around the world every day: regular pasta, noodles and rice, and regular soda. 

A suggested serving size for regular pasta and rice is about three-quarters of a cup. There are 200 calories in the serving size. But how many people actually stick to one serving size? Not everybody, that's for sure. So let's call it 300 calories, minimum for when you eat regular noodles or rice. 

The 300 calories, in and of itself, is not necessarily high, considering for weight loss, you'll want to consume approximately 1,500 calories a day (less if you're trying intermittent fasting a couple days a week). But there are two problems with this particular 300 calories. Eating lots of high-starch foods like pasta, noodles and rice and baked goods can raise blood sugar levels and clog the liver. A sluggish liver slows metabolism. 

Also, if you're trying to lose weight, you need to cut calories, but without sacrificing your energy levels, thus making you vulnerable to mood swings. 

So what's the solution to slashing the 300 calories a day from high-starch foods? Why, of course, Miracle Noodles!

Here's where the easy-to-use diet math comes into play:

  • 300 calories from pasta or other high carb per day x 7 days of week = 2100 calories
  • 2100 calories x 4 weeks = 8200 calories
  • ONE POUND OF BODYFAT = 3500 calories

You don't even have to subtract the 3500 calories from the 8200 calories if you're not great at math (the answer: 4,700 calories) to see how you can slash thousands of calories from your diet every month. 

Memorize that monthly figure again: 8200 calories ... that's how many calories you could cut out by switching to low-carb options like Miracle Noodle. Actually, many of Miracle Noodle's shirataki pasta alternatives are ZERO CALORIE!

Now let's take the same comparison with soda. A can of regular, sweetened cola has about 150 calories, this being for a 12-oz. can, or a cup and a half. Again, though, keep in mind your average American sometimes consumes more than one 12-oz. can, especially if they are partial to Big Gulps. 

Back to the DIET MATH CHALKBOARD we go!

150 calories from one soda x 7 days = 1050

1050 calories x 4 weeks = 4200 calories

And do you remember how many calories in one pound of fat?........3500

Hopefully now, you can see why some people seem to put on a lot of weight in a short amount of time. You can easily put on 20 pounds a year. But switching to Miracle Noodles and healthy low-carb drinks can help you just as easily lose 20 pounds a year, if not much more. 

Some diet math purists will argue that just because a pound of body fat has 3500 calories does not mean that if you reduce your diet by 3500 calories, there's a guarantee you'll lose a pound. 

While that might be true because of individual metabolic factors, you can see how easy it is to reduce your monthly caloric intake by 10,400 by ditching the soda and other foods loaded with sugar as well as high-starch pasta. 

Do that and it's highly likely you will lose weight even if everything else you're doing is the same!

Throw in some moderate exercise like 30-minute walks every day and you'll lose even more weight!

  • Remember to eat some dietary healthy fats at every meal so you stay full for several hours. Don't be afraid to eat fat even if you're trying to lose weight. High-starch and heavy sugar are your mortal enemies!

Pass this diet math on to your friends to share how easy it is to lose weight!

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