Low Calorie Fettuccini Anyone?

‘La bella vita!’ – The good life in Italian! Don’t we all miss a good, satisfying dish of pasta from time to time? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a long dinner with friends and some wine and a large plate of pasta that we can dig in without holding back or being crippled by feelings of guilt?

Sounds like a dream?

It doesn’t have to be.

We have found the noodles for the perfect Italian dinner without the guilt. And best of all it’s also available in the US!

The Miracle Fettuccini has the exact same ingredients as our bestselling product the Angel Hair. They have zero net carbs and are low-calorie, gluten-free, grain-free, vegan and Non-GMO. But the texture is different. It’s wider and thicker overall. The texture is perfect for creating classic Italian pasta dishes such as the Fettuccini Alfredo.

Low Calorie Fettuccini

Fettuccini noodles are perfect to add a bit of variety and the texture and feel of carbohydrates. They can add a little bit of ‘spice’ to any low-carb, paleo and keto-diet.

The low-calorie fettuccini noodles are also known to help people who are usually not interested in switching up their diet to see how it is easy to go low-carb, gluten-free, Non-GMO and grain-free.

This low-calorie fettuccini is also good to add some ‘bulk’ to any soups, but without adding any unnecessary calories.

To show an example check out this recipe made with Miracle Fettuccini. https://miraclenoodle.com/blogs/recipes/89101062-miracle-noodle-fettuccine-alfredo
Or this one is just as good!

Looks fantastic, doesn’t it? And all of this is low-calorie and good for you!

Once you know learn how to prepare it (which takes 1-2 tries) you can come up with a simple dish and silence any carb cravings quickly. And the best thing is that you can eat as much as you want and don’t have to worry about carbs.

Let me share something else with you.

What’s the secret to sticking to a diet plan?

The easiest way to not cheat on your diet is to never feel hungry.

Now, the question is how do you not feel hungry?

You do that by eating foods that are high in fiber, such as the Miracle Fettuccini, and that fill you up at the same time. Thanks to its thick texture they feel just like regular Italian pasta, which silences any carb cravings you might have.

If you’re looking for a reliably source to buy fettuccine noodles online you can check out the product page of our Miracle Noodle Fettuccini and see for yourself if it is something for you.

Click here https://miraclenoodle.com/products/fettuccini to go to the product page and find out more information.

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