Keto Vegan Tom Kha Gha

Keto Vegan Tom Kha Gha

Soup's on! Check out this flavorful combo from Maggy featuring our Miracle Rice!

"Soup night! This is my non-traditional take on Tom Kha Gha. Instead of chicken, I use mushrooms. And I add Miracle Rice from Miracle Noodle. And, a little bit of curry paste. So, it's more like curry soup, but so good."

Thanks to Maggy Jones (@mostlyveganketo) for the recipe!


Miracle Rice, prepared ⁣
1 can coconut milk⁠ ⁣
1 nub galanga⁠ ⁣
1 nub turmeric⁠ ⁣
2 lemongrass shoots⁠ ⁣
6 kaffir lime leaves⁠ ⁣
1/4 diced onion ⁣
200 g sliced mushrooms⁣


1. Simmer it all together until the mushrooms are tender. ⁣

2. Stir in any add-ins (like extra curry paste and miracle rice) then top with a fistful of cilantro and squeeze of lime.⁠ ⁣

3. Grab a spoon and enjoy!

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