Kabocha Frozen Yogurt

Kabocha Frozen Yogurt

Are you sick of tradition pumpkin everything? Well, Ambassador Charlie Czechowski has a solution with Kabocha squash! It's a Japanese pumpkin with a slightly different taste profile. This recipe has great classic fall flavors, but breaks out into a new territory with this dessert recipe! She used Miracle Rice part of the yogurt and as a fiber-full topping!

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Frozen Yogurt:
85g frozen diced kabocha squash 
¬ľ cup Miracle Noodle¬†Rice
2 packets Truvia or sugar substitute 
2 tbsp Greek yogurt 
30g sugar free pancake syrup
Dash cinnamon

2 tbsp per layer of coconut whipped topping
Dash of cinnamon
1 tbsp Miracle Noodle rice


1.)Drain, rinse, and pat dry miracle noodles.

2.) Place all frozen yogurt ingredients into a food processor or blender. Blend until almost smooth (I left a couple of chunks in mine because I like the texture).

3.) Place 2-3 tbsp of pudding in a small bowl or mason jar and layer with coconut whipped topping.

4.) Repeat layering until jar is full. Add additional cinnamon and miracle noodle rice on top. Enjoy!

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