Spam Fried Rice

Spam Fried Rice

Miss fried rice? Want a spin on it? Try it with SPAM and our keto-friendly Miracle Rice!

"#Filiketofriday is coming a bit early this week because I couldn’t keep this bowl of deliciousness to myself! Ashley Vanegas made some spam fried rice last week, and I was like YAS THAT'S WHAT MY LIFE IS MISSING! I made mine a bit differently from hers and added my fave Miracle Noodle Miracle Rice to help keep the carb count low but still have a delicious double batch of the fried rice." 

Recipe by Chelsea Mercado AKA @pop_lock_and_keto on Instagram.


1 pack of Miracle Rice
Spam, diced⁣
Cauliflower rice⁣
2-5 cloves of minced garlic⁣
1 Tbs tamari⁣
Black pepper⁣
1-2 eggs⁣
Optional: 2 Thai chiles⁣


1. Dice up your spam into tiny pieces and put into a nonstick pan/ wok. No need for fat because the spam will release it once heated. ⁣

2. While that’s going, microwave your cauli rice for 5 minutes, let it cool, squeeze out extra moisture, and add to your frying pan to take away the rest of the moisture. ⁣

3. Prepare your Miracle Rice or Love My Rice as directed on the bag and mix in with cauli rice! ⁣

4. Cut up some leeks and fry with your spam. Push your rice and spam to the edge of the pan and put your fat of choice in the middle along with 2-5 cloves of freshly minced garlic. Once the garlic changes color, mix it all up. ⁣

5. Add a tablespoon of tamari (clean keto sub for soy sauce) ‘s mix. Add some black pepper, push it to the sides again and crack some eggs onto the pan and season. Scramble inside pan but let it cook before mixing with rice. ⁣

6. For spice I added two baby Thai chilies but let me tell you that brought on the HEAT! Serve with a fried egg or save for meal prep! 

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