Spinach Angel Hair Vegan Dinner Delight for Two

Spinach Angel Hair Vegan Dinner Delight for Two

Miracle Noodle Fan, Gabi Csuha made quite the meal, served by candlelight! Yes! Miracle Noodle can make for a magical and lovely evening!

"Belated fiancé appreciation. Thank you, Evan, for not only putting up with my ever-evolving diets but getting excited about them with me❣️
We had the most delicious low-carb romantic dinner! The base was made of Miracle Noodle Spinach Angel Hair. Miracle Noodle made of the fiber from the konjac bulb. They are comprised mostly of water and glucomannan (water-soluble fiber), these noodles are any gut’s best friend! I made this meal with veggies on hand."

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1 package of Miracle Noodle Spinach Angel Hair
Olive Oil
Bell pepper variety of choice
Garlic, minced
Fresh pea shoots
Black beans
Vegan Pesto


1. Rinse noodles for 1 minute, boil for 2 minutes, drain.

2. Transfer noodles to pan & sauté until noodles are sticky, dry.

3. In a separate pan: sauté bell pepper, garlic, & onion in olive oil.

4. Top with fresh pea shoots, black beans & vegan pesto!

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