Vegetarian Clear Soup Noodles

Vegetarian Clear Soup Noodles

Po made a great meal with our Angel Hair! It's easy to make, just a few ingredients and you're on your way to a great meal.

Vegetarian Clear Soup Noodles {Low Calorie, Low Carb, High Fibre, Keto}

"Konjac noodles are also known as “miracle noodles” due to it being virtually zero calories! They are perfect for anyone who is on the Keto diet.

They are my go-to whenever I want a super clean + light meal that is low carb + calories! I do use nutritious toppings to go with these noodles to make sure that I get some of my nutrients in!

Have you tried konjac noodles before? If so, how do you like to cook them?"

Recipe by Po AKA @simplenutrition247 on Instagram



200 g Miracle Noodle Angel Hair
1 large boiled egg
220 g Soft tofu
100 g Pak choi (bok choy)
Chilli flakes + Everything But the Bagel seasoning (from Trader Joe's)
Black sesame seeds
Water or broth of choice


1. Prepare Miracle Noodle Angel Hair according to package. Set aside.

2. Cube tofu or cut into long rectangles as show in photo.

3. Warm water/broth in a pot. Spilt pak choi down the center and rinse. Steam in the water/broth. Add tofu and seasonings. Add in noodles.

4. Serve in a bowl topped with egg and sesame.


210 kcal
12 g Fat
4 g Carbs (net)
20 g Protein

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