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As you probably know, Miracle Noodle is best-known for our healthy and delicious shirataki noodles, but we also love to support other health food makers and introduce our customers to some of the best products out there. In this department, you’ll find some of our all-time favorites, from spray-on herbs and spices that can be used to dress up your Miracle Noodles to alternative sweeteners that don’t make you feel bad for indulging. The best part is, we’re happy to provide auto-delivery on all of these amazing products so you never run out!

Simply Beyond Spray-On Herbs and Vinegar

There’s a better way to cover your Miracle Noodles, Miracle Rice and other foods in yummy herbs and spices. Try Simply Beyond’s Spray-On Herbs for something totally new and exciting. These recipes contain delicious, full-flavored ingredients that make it super-simple to jazz up all your favorite foods. The best part is, they have zero calories, zero sugar, zero gluten, zero additives and zero GMOs. These unique herb blends come in many different varieties, including garlic, cilantro, thyme and lemongrass.

We all know that vinegar is good for our health, so anything that helps us work it into our diets is a winner! Simply Beyond also offers a great assortment of fruit vinegars made with pomegranate or cranberry. Use these flavorful finishes in salad, dips, sauces and much more to add the perfect fusion of sugar and acidity to any dish. At Miracle Noodle, we’re happy to provide great deals on multipacks of your favorite healthy foods, and we always offer free shipping on every order.

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