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Dr. Carp's Special Products: Recommended by the Doctor Himself

If you don't already know the story of Miracle Noodle, it all started in Japan with Jonathan Carp, MD after a friend took him to a Buddhist-run vegetarian restaurant outside Kyoto. As soon as he tasted the delicious, guilt-free shirataki noodles, Dr. Carp knew he had to bring these plant-based pastas back to the U.S. But Dr. Carp knows that he can't make all the healthy, guilt-free foods himself, so he relies on several other brands to produce quality products for a healthy diet.
Good Foods for All-Around Health and Wellbeing

Just like Miracle Noodle foods, these special products are made with nutritionally sound ingredients and are suitable for a range of diets. Whether you're in search of a delicious, non-GMO almond butter or want to enhance your Miracle Rice with some hot yuzu sauce, you'll find awesome ideas when you take suggestions from Dr. Carp. This selection also includes healthy sweeteners that you can use in baking or just to sweeten up your coffee or tea. Many of these products are made without gluten, so they're safe for use by people who struggle with gluten intolerance or sensitivity.

This selection also includes some of Dr. Carp's favorite Miracle Noodle pastas, including Miracle Sea Spaghetti, a plant-based pasta made with nutritionally dense oceanic plants. If you love other Miracle Noodles, then you'll definitely want to give this healthy spaghetti a try. You can also trust Dr. Carp to steer you toward healthy dietary supplements. For example, try his special 100 percent plant fiber supplement made from the konjac plant and get your daily recommended amount of fiber. Stock up on these great products today and save at Miracle Noodle!
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