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From :  Jonathan Carp, MD

Many of our customers have expressed a desire to lose weight. As a physician applaud this because finding answers to the weight loss puzzle has never been more critical. As you know, being overweight can have serious health ramifications.

But, there’s good news here. Research shows that with just a 10% loss of weight, people will experience noticeable changes in their blood pressure and blood sugar control, lowering their risk for heart disease and Type 2 diabetes–two of the costliest diseases in terms of health care dollars and human life.

After speaking personally with many customers, I want to help all of you who are interested lose weight the safe, healthy way…and then keep it off.   

It’s pretty simple and very easy. Simply enjoy one Ready-To-Eat Meal for your lunch every day.

It’s funny, but that’s exactly how my Mom lost 30 pounds! She said it was the easiest and most delicious “diet” she’d ever been on.

Eating one Ready-To-Eat Meal for lunch is healthy, filling, and delicious and will keep you off the weight loss roller-coaster. You know what that’s all about – you lose, then you gain it all back, then you lose, then you gain it all back plus 5 more pounds!

The Miracle Noodle Weight Loss Program is a whole-person approach to weight loss, which means that behavior, motivation, transformation, and budget–not just biology–inform your personal success plan.

I’ve been honored to understand your challenges in a deeper way, and this new Program reflects what I’ve learned from being personally in touch with many in Weight Loss Awakening. In fact, I’ve learned more about this committed and gracious group than I will ever learn about my patients.

The Weight Loss Program will live in a private FB page with access reserved for members only. It will include 30 Ready-To-Eat Meals plus weekly live Q&A sessions with me along with separate educational videos on how to overcome resistance and learn nutrition; plus recipes; and exciting special offers and discounts.

These are actual posts from the forum : You will meet these members when you get access to the forum and learn tips and techniques to make the meals your own!   

Hey everyone!!!! So today is my 26th day of the challenge and I am down 8.7 pounds and almost a dress size. It is beyond amazing how this product has changed my eating habits and motivation to lose the weight once and for all.

I wish today was official weigh-in day -- I've now lost 25 pounds!

Weigh-in Wednesday! No more weight loss this week but with 10 pounds in 4 weeks, I'm more than OK with this. I'm starting another 4 weeks tomorrow and am expecting good things.

Weigh in Wednesday 
Starting Weight 3/23/18 195
I week 190
2 weeks 187
3 weeks 185.2
4 weeks 184

In four weeks using Miracle Meal RTE, adding kale smoothies with chia seeds, using Mealkitt for portion control and continually increasing movement and exercise in my daily life as well as mindful meditation I am proud to say that I have lost 11 pounds. Round one finished. Next Round to begin as soon as my order arrives. Meanwhile I plan to continue using all of the other factors in my new lifestyle.


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