Delicious Guilt-Free Mac ‘N’ Cheese...Under 100 calories!

What is every child’s favorite noodle dish? If you took a survey of 100 kids, it’s most likely at least 90 prefer macaroni and cheese. And just like some adults still eat their favorite cereals from childhood, no doubt many grown-ups still prefer their favorite comfort food from childhood, ‘Mac ‘N’ Cheese.’

The problem with mac n cheese is its high caloric content, but thanks to Miracle Noodle, conscious dieters can now have their mac n cheese and eat it, too!

If you love mac n cheese, say hello to your new best friend, Miracle Noodle Ziti, which has only 5 calories per 3-oz. serving. Like other Miracle Noodle pastas, the ziti is comprised of 97% water and the remaining 3% fiber, which yields just 2 net grams of carbohydrates, perfect for Paleo and low-carb lifestyle dieters.

Perhaps you’re thinking that there’s no way Miracle Noodle Mac N Cheese tastes anywhere near as scrumptious as regular macaroni and cheese. But Miracle Noodle Ziti soaks up the flavor of the cheddar cheese and whatever other ingredients you’ll cook with.

Here’s one version of Mac N Cheese, which comes to Miracle Noodle courtesy of a wellness blog cleverly called Blogilates. Cassey from Blogilates has been our friend for many years. If you need to start a fitness plan, Cassey makes it incredibly easy with short youtube videos explaining how. Cassey is a real inspiration, check her videos out!   

Cassey’s’ version of Miracle Noodle Mac N Cheese calls for the following ingredients:

  • --Miracle Noodle Ziti (1 serving size is one packet or 3 ounces, add more to feed the family)

  • --pinch of salt (the Miracle Noodle team prefers sea salt with trace minerals)

  • --one-eighth cup of almond milk (are you a low-carb dieter? make it unsweetened milk) 

    --one cup cottage cheese (the recipe calls for low-fat but if you have a high metabolism, you can do full-curd, just eat less of it)

  • --3 TBS low-fat cheddar cheese (opt for organic or raw cheese)

    --one-quarter tsp dry mustard

  • --pinch of pepper and cayenne to taste

Best of all, this version of healthy Mac N Cheese costs less than $5. Instead of dining out and spending $50 for the whole family, prepare this easy to make favorite childhood comfort food in minutes and spend a fraction of the price!


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