How to go Gluten Free the Easy Way

If you’re gluten-free, one of the most heart-wrenching--or gut wrenching--decisions you'll have to make is the decision to forgo pasta of all kinds. Noodles typically come from durum or semolina wheat, which are not ancient, heirloom varieties of wheat such as ‘emmer’ (farro) or ‘einkorn’, and therefore, contain genetic derivations in the gluten, potentially leading to something as innocuous as slightly fatter love handles, or conditions far more serious than bloating like celiac disease. It is sad indeed, tragic if you’re a true foodie, to not be able to enjoy spaghetti dinner with the family.

Miracle Noodle to the rescue Whether you’ve recently gone gluten-free or have been so for a long time, for most people, the key to staying gluten-free is to be able to prepare gluten-free foods fast and easy. That’s where Miracle Noodle comes in. Naturally gluten-free, Miracle Noodle’s shirataki products are perfect for the gluten-free dieter who does not have the time or know-how to make their own gluten-free noodles. With Miracle Noodle all you have to do is open the eco-friendly package of noodles, place the noodles in a strainer and wash them for a minute, followed by just a few minutes of light boiling. In slightly longer time than it takes to make microwave popcorn (a potentially tasty gluten-free snack in its own right, if sprinkled with sea salt, coated with grass-fed butter or truffle oil and a shake or two of parmesan cheese), you can now enjoy unlimited guilt-free and gluten-free noodles thanks to Miracle Noodle.

Buddhist monks: gluten-free trend setters? Miracle Noodle’s shirataki pastas are made from the root of a Japanese yam. Buddhist monks discovered the versatility of the fiber that constitutes the bulk of the konjac root (the main ingredient of Miracle Noodle), realizing that they could be shaped like conventional, high-carbohydrate pastas and maintain the texture and taste of belly-bloating regular noodles when mixed with sauces and spices. Although Buddhist monks may not have been specifically seeking gluten-free cuisine, they were certainly most on to something. In the next 2000 years, shirataki noodles would become a staple of the Japanese diet. Some westerners question how Japanese people can remain relatively slim, slurping all those noodles and scarfing down copious amounts of white rice. Shirataki noodles that the monks discovered play at least a minor role in keeping Japanese waistlines from ballooning. Miracle Noodle shirataki products have zero net calories, which means that when you factor in the fiber content, it negates the miniscule amount of carbohydrates.

Miracle Rice: another easy gluten-free offering from Miracle Noodle To reiterate, the key to successfully maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle is preparing healthy, fast and easy recipes. If you’ve gone gluten-free, you should be elated by now after reading how easily you can have noodles literally every night of the week if you wanted to, thanks to Miracle Noodle gluten-free pasta substitutes such as spinach angel hair, fettuccini, garlic herb, and other low carb noodles. (If you’re new to Miracle Noodle or haven’t had them in a while and would like to order but don’t know where to start, try the variety sample pack. Miracle Rice is just as easy to prepare as Miracle Noodles. So if your favorite recipe calls for rice, whether its an Indian curry or a simple chicken and rice dish, you can simply substitute regular rice with Miracle Rice. If you’re wondering why you would need to replace regular rice if you’ve gone gluten-free, because, after all, rice is naturally gluten-free, for those who are very sensitive to gluten, it is theoretically possible that some manufacturers package their rice in a facility that also processes gluten. And equally important, if you are gluten-free, chances are that you are a health-conscious person and are concerned about blood sugar levels. Miracle Rice is far better for your blood sugar levels as it ranks 0 (zero) on the glycemic index, compared to over 60 for white rice and even some brown varieties.

Miracle Noodle makes going gluten-free easier Despite the glut of gluten-free products in every supermarket these days, relatively few of them are healthy. It’s easy to buy gluten-free crackers, chips, dips and desserts but there are far less all-natural gluten-free offerings that will allow you to prepare healthy meals, especially ones that are easy and quick to make. That’s why Miracle Noodle has received many emails from customers around the world, expressing gratitude for being able to have their noodles and eat them, too, gluten-free.

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