The Ultimate Healthy Comfort Food: Organic Spaghetti (Shhh: don’t tell the kids it’s got no net carbs!)

You’ve had an exhausting day at work. But you can’t go home and crash out on the couch, binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. Nope, you gotta make dinner for the whole family. How does organic spaghetti noodles sound?

Now, if the last thing on Earth you feel like doing now is making a fancy pasta dinner, we don’t blame you. But listen to how easy it is to make a quick meal for the whole family with this organic spaghetti....

organic spaghetti

From your fridge, take out a package of our Miracle Noodle Organic Spaghetti. Put a small pot of water on the stove. While waiting for the water to heat up, tear the package of our organic spaghetti open with scissors and drain the water from the package into a strainer. Rinse the organic spaghetti noodles for about a half-minute to a full minute. When the water is slightly boiling, pour the organic spaghetti in lightly boiling water. Let boil for two minutes, with no stirring required.

Pretty easy so far, right? But maybe you’re thinking, “Pasta takes too long to prepare on nights like tonight when all I just want to do is call in for a pizza.”

But don’t give into junk food temptation! Here’s the difference with regular pasta and our organic spaghetti noodles. Regular spaghetti takes 12-15 minutes to cook (not to mention the difference in calories!). After a couple minutes in lightly boiling water, there’s no more cooking time required, other than dry roasting the noodles in a frying pan for a minute or so, until you hear them starting to squeak. That’s when you know they are dry and ready to soak up your favorite sauce!

So that’s it … just a few minutes of prep time.

If you dry roast our organic spaghetti noodles, you won’t believe how similar in texture they are to high-calorie/high-carbohydrate spaghetti. When you dry roast the organic spaghetti, they will really be amazingly flavorful because of the super absorbability of the sauce.

So let’s review so far how you will prepare a quick, easy, comfort-food extravaganza for the whole family….

  • Open bag of Organic Spaghetti, drain, rinse and lightly boil for 2 minutes
  • Dry roast
  • Add sauce
That’s it! Now all you have to do is heat up some veggies. (Hopefully you have leftovers, if not, while the pasta is lightly boiling, you can saute or steam some veggies.) Optional is to add a lean protein along with the organic spaghetti and veggies.

Do you now see how easy it is to make a healthy, super-fast organic spaghetti noodle meal? We have transformed the ultimate comfort food for your busy lifestyle.

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