5 Easy Miracle Noodle Recipes That Turn Everyday Comfort Food Into Healthy Food, Effortlessly!

5 Easy Miracle Noodle Recipes That Turn Everyday Comfort Food Into Healthy Food, Effortlessly!
Before we move on to the recipes let me ask you an important question.

What would it be like if you could continue eating your favorite dishes even when on strict diets where very little carbs are allowed?

Let’s take it a step further.

Imagine that you follow through with every detail of your diet plan… every single day…
without fail.

How much progress would you make?

An accidental discovery made by a Californian Doctor in Japan a decade ago may just make that
possible for you..

It was purely by random chance that I discovered this rare plant called Konjac when I was visiting a friend in Japan“ says Dr. Jonathan Carp, board-certified physician and famous expert in the fields of human nutrition and disease reversal.

Fully aware of the problems that struggling dieters face he adds: "With the Konjac plant it is possible to create carb-free pasta, noodles and rice. Think of it as wheat but without the inflammatory carbs and gluten."

On a whim Dr. Jonathan Carp decided to bring the Konjac plant and Shirataki foods to the United States.

by Jennifer Oneil

Most of my patients have struggled with sticking to a diet plan… for the simple reason that..
let’s be honest here.. it is really hard to make a change!!

When I discovered Shirataki Noodles and Pasta I knew without the shadow of a doubt that
this would make the lives and diets of my patients much easier“

Needless to say things didn’t go as expected when he brought the Shirataki Noodles (better
known today as Miracle Noodles) to the United States.

To be honest I was overwhelmed in the beginning. Having gotten endorsed by other
fellow doctors such as Dr. Oz, celebrities such as Rachel Ray and networks such as
Men’s Health and ABC
the demand for Miracle Noodle was so large that I almost couldn’t

keep up sending them out! Now, after having sold over 10’000’000 bags of Miracle Noodles I am a little bit more used to it“ Dr. Jonathan Carp remembers with a smile on his face.

However, there is a catch to the Konjac plant aka Shirataki foods. (in the US better known and famous as the Miracle Noodle)

Miracle Noodle foods are, just like regular noodles best prepared as a dish.

The most amazing thing that happened was that Miracle Noodle received countless delicious recipes from their hundreds of thousands of customers all over the US and the world.

Better yet, a lot of these recipes have been for the regular and tasty dishes we all know and love such as rice pudding, frittata, noodle salad, pizza and tasty smoothies.

by fit_s0ul

The good thing is that all carbohydrate foods in these dishes were replaced with Miracle Noodle foods.

The bad, inflammatory carbs were totally eliminated in these dishes and our customers reported back to us that they tasted just the same as the ‚unhealthy version‘ sometimes even better.

Now, I scoured through the hundreds of recipes submitted by raving fans and those are some of the gems for ease of implementation, weight-loss, health, well-being, anti-aging and taste. (Although there are many, many more…)

Here they are…

All of the following recipes have zero to very little carbs, cover every dish of the day and are perfect when you need quick results from your diet (having healthy substitutes for your favorite dishes may have been the missing piece of the puzzle for you to stick to a diet plan)

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